I look for you in everyone.
— Six Word Story #16 by absentions (via neopiacentral)

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You know what’s the worst? Being a 16 year old girl who loves a famous Singer, not solely for his looks, but because you truly believe he is talented and devoted and you agree deeply with his message. Because no matter how intelligently and fully you can express that, people will assume you’re just a silly teenager who thinks a famous guy is cute.
Anthony Kiedis (via arcticm-onkeys)

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I stay up just late enough until I am just exhausted enough that I can fall into my bed and sink into immediate slumber. Because I can’t stand lying in a bed in a dark room alone with just my thoughts for so many hours and hours.
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When I met you, flowers started growing in the darkest parts of my mind
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Someone doesn’t like you? Fuck it. Having a bad day? Fuck it. Didn’t get that job, or that grade, or that promotion you wanted? Fuck it. Fighting with your lover? Fuck it. Feel fat today? Fuck it. Losing control of everything and everyone? Fuck it. What matters now won’t matter soon; the truly important thing is that you are alive, and that you have the capacity to do absolutely anything with this beautiful, crazy coincidence of being on this earth. Just stick your middle fingers in the air and think, ‘Damn, I have it good.’
— Gerard Way (via loveandpalmtrees)

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Screw poetry, it’s you I want,
your taste, rain
on you, mouth on your skin.
— Margaret Atwood, Late Night (via larmoyante)
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Stop telling women that we should find ourselves beautiful and that we should love ourselves when you are standing right there, judging us on how our knees look in short skirts and how prominent our boobs are in a sweater and how much makeup we are or are not wearing.

Instead of us working harder on “love your body” and “find your inner beauty”, the rest of the world should be working harder on “stop telling women their bodies are a shameful place to live but that if they’re strong enough, they will learn to embrace that shame.”

This is my body. It’s not “beautiful”. I don’t “love it”. I don’t have to. I don’t have to have any strong feelings about my body. And whatever feelings I do have are not somehow invalid if they’re not glowing reviews.

— Elyse Mofo, “Don’t Tell Me to Love My Body” (via nightrevelations)
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Cinema can fill in the empty spaces of your life and your loneliness.
— Pedro Almodóvar  (via josephgordonslevitt)

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We waste so many days waiting for weekend. So many nights wanting morning. Our lust for future comfort is the biggest thief of life.
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I’ve been pushed down many flights of stairs in my time, but I always manage to find an elevator.
— Chris Colfer, quoted in Choosing Glee (x)

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